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124 likes. There are three basic positions for probes in roasters: atmosphere, exhaust and bean. Surroundings probes are probes which are placed in order to permit the studying of the environment temperature within the drum or roasting chamber. Exhaust probes are placed someplace within the exhaust stream most often before the blower, however not at all times. Bean probes are mounted so as to allow the exterior temperature of the coffee to be measured all through your entire roasting process. Surroundings probes are most frequently used with computerized and automated roasting profile methods, exhaust probes are most often used with overtemperature security systems, and bean probes are essentially the most widely used and mentioned of all the probe positions and are sometimes used along side surroundings probes in automated profiling methods. Although they sound like different probes, all three can in fact be the identical sort of probe hardware; it’s … Read more