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For many people in the coffee industry, the phrase probe” conjures up suppressed recollections of aliens, time warps and painful medical procedures, both actual and surreal. I’ve been roasting espresso at house for a while now. The flavour is superior to something business. I purchased a small roaster and wait until I hear the 2nd set of cracks start after which shortly dump the beans out of the roaster onto a ceramic plate or lipped stainless steel baking sheet to cool them and stop additional roasting. The taking the beans past 2nd crack when roasting is considered a City Roast, which is a darkish greasy trying bean. A bit dark if you let it roast previous the 2nd crack in the roasting cycle. As soon as I hear the first bean crack within the 2nd cycle of “cracking” , I remove the beans from the roaster. They are a deep … Read more