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Espresso Bean Sorts

Merry Christmas! On the risk of sounding too apparent, if you’d like a probe to read bean temperature, then it’s essential to place it the place it’s in contact with the beans. In fact, the probe needs to be immersed within the coffee. For front opening drum roasters this can be a pretty easy part of the process (see drawings). For certain varieties of drum roasters, those where the espresso doesn’t ride up towards the faceplate; side openers, backside openers, and many others… then some modification perhaps needed in order to precisely measure bean temperature, this modification is commonly accomplished with a funnel shaped catch that enables a mass of beans to surround the probe. Fluid bed roasters current a particular challenge to the measurement of bean temperature as properly. The larger quantity of air, and the motion of the coffee inside the chamber, whereas constant, will learn larger temps … Read more